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So, I'm sick with this major allergy attack, I'm hungry but my stomach isn't doing well, and I'm exhausted.

And OK, so maybe it's the nyquill/sudafed/vicks talking, but I fuckin' loved tonight's episode of SPN.

So. Tonight was pretty awesome.

From mandroid to laser eyes to the hilarious Ronald, to Sam's bitch face expressions (like when the chick fainted) and newly styled hair, to the boys wearing suits and long coats (YUM! Look at their great shoulders!) to the great intesnity and good pacing throughout the episode trying to figure out who the skinwalker was. It was like...a filler episode and plot progression all together.

Hee! I love Dean telling Sam to stay and help Ronald manage. And his face when he's just like "Hi Ronald" since they clearly don't like each other.

And wow. GREAT song for the end! And Dean going "we're so screwed." Uh...yeah, to quote Sam from tonight, UNDERSTATEMENT! I love how police, feds, etc. are getting on their trail and now they have the paranormal AND the real life law to stay one step ahead of.

They didn't really get into why THIS shapeshifter was killing the people whose identity it took whereas the shifter in St. Louis kept them alive. But whatever, it was all great. Seriously, skin walkers are awesome. I wish they'd have one who was related to the shifter in Skin and wanted personal revenge on Sam and Dean. OK, that's the fanfic-reader within asking for that.

And how did that FBI guy know everything about Sam and Dean? Ooooh, he should been punched when he started insulting Papa Winchester! But I did love him calling Sam his Bonnie to Dean's Clyde. YAY!

I don't remember much, mostly because my head is all medicated right now, but I think I might try to create a picspam tomorrow evening for it. I really, really enjoyed tonight's episode. I'm really enjoying this break from the overall season-long "children like Sam" plot and it's awesome to see more like S1 episodes.

OK, well I'm exhausted so that's it for me!
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