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OMG! HOORAY for a new episde and this one definitely didn't disappoint!

My best friend, Kelly, is home for college break so I told her to come over and watch it with me so we'd have a squeeee!buddy! It was fun!

EVERYTHING was amazing - from Ava's vision (OMG! SAM! Kelly JUMPED and I went OMG! EWWWW! BLOOOOOD!) To Ava herself (She KICKED ASS and totally rocked BTW. She seemed totally normal and just regular freaked out. Definitely one of my all time favorite girls of the week) to Dean BEGGING Sam in the beginning to listen to him and lay low. OMG DEAN. Jensen, your acting! WOW. Just the sound of his voice breaking and his desperation to get Sam to listen to him. OMG. LOVE.

And let me just say that I LOVE the fact that this episode was so Sam-centric! FINALLY! People in spn_live were complaining about lack of Dean in the first half of the episode, and I just wanted to say, guys? This is Sam's show. He deserves solo air time as well.

And then Gordon coming back and pissing Dean off. WOO! TALK ABOUT EVOL! (OMG! WHO TOLD HIM? JO?! Another demon?!) And P.S? I totally think he is capable of breaking out of jail. And just Dean SO worried that Sam was really dead. OMG The tears and the look on his face! AWWWW! And the huge relief when he sees that he is okay. DEAN PULLING SAM UP AND THE LOOK. Touching! DEEP STARE. OMG. BOYS!




(which, as we all know = "I love you")


The easy banter in the car was awesome and OMG.

And hooray for Ellen and Ash (And NO Jo!) coming back for an episode!

There were just too many good things about this episode. Both the boys looked AMAZING. OMG I think I'm in love with Jared's hair. Each episode just makes me love this show more and more, which I totally didn't think was possible because I already love it to the power of 10 x 124308735687234.

And the preview for next week? Looks AWESOME! Dean is going to make a MILLION Shining/Jack Nicholson jokes from the looks of the setting.

BUT OMG you guys, it all comes down to this. The LOVE on this show. Not even Wincest love, but JUST DEAN BEING THE BESTED BIG BROTHER AND SAM BEING A TOTALLY AWESOME LITTLE BROTHER, and just the fact that Dean would kill ANYONE for Sam and Sam would do ANYTHING for his brother. WOW. It is simply amazing and just...words can't even describe it.

And if war between Sam and Dean and other "children" vs. yellow-eyed demon and friends actually does happen at the end of this season or the entire series, I SO called it back in October! I want to see it done Buffy "Chosen"/X-Men 3 style - a hugeass showdown!

Sorry I've been away from LJ for a few weeks. I've just been pretty busy. But in exciting news, I bought a HOTASS new car - a fuly loaded Mazda3, 5 door GT! (Picture to be posted ASAP). Thanks to my promotion I can FINALLY get something better than my 1992 Honda.

And tomorrow I'm totally being a 12 year old and am taking my mom with me to see High School Musical: The Concert! YAY!! WOO!! I can't wait to see them all sing and be all cute together! I love Ashley Tisdale and I'm not afraid to say it!
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