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This Thursday? Was LOVE.

So...Lana? Pregnant? WFT? Why can't she just have cancer or some other terminal disease, because that would make things SO much more interesting!

And drugged!Oliver - GUH. *sigh* SO PRETTY!

And I have a Superman question. What is supposed to happen to Lionel Luthor? Like, we all know where Clark, Lex, Lois, etc. wind up years in the future after this show, like how we knew that eventually Johnathan Kent had to die. But is anything specific supposed to happen to Lionel in the comics or other places? I'm just curious.

Not even my sinus infection, which is getting better, could bring me down tonight!

OMG. Tonight. OMG there were SO many great things about tonight!

Even the recap ROCKED! I love then showing EVERY costume, lie, fake badge-usage, etc. What a great montage of impersonations for the two! And footage from "Skin" = awesome!

Dean in handcuffs. Being assaulted. FOR THE WIN.

Anthony Giles. With a hard "G". Which made me think of the BuffyBot in "Invervention". I mean, really - Anthony Giles? Hello Buffy reference!

Sam = Scully. And a red haired woman, according to Dean. OMG, X-Files banter.

And Sam being all lawyery and then snarky.

Dean making pop culture references, acting all snarky, being completely in love with the Shining, and saying he likes "frisky women" in his interrogation recording/dating service video.

Both of them realizing that it's an anagram AT THE SAME TIME. It's like they have the same mind. OH BOYS!

Dean making his lawyer do busy work! And both of them calling him "Matlock."

Dean with his short attention span and acting, again, like a seven year old! Heee! Making noises in the silence. LOVES

Sam and Dean having a secret code name and location all worked out just in case something like this happens! So they can find each other if they get separated!

Sam escaping! Whee! And when Linda Blair asks how Sam got all those photos he says, "You've got your job, I've got mine." Yay Sidekick Geekboy!

And how Sam shoves Dean a bit at the very end when they're walking! Squee!

"Does she look familar to you?" PEA SOUP!

Bring on next Thursday! Seriously, because that promo was rockin'!
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