Culture shock is when your fingers get mixed up typing something on a keyboard because the keyboards have different key placement in a different country.

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this is the coolest thing I've seen all day:


In Iran, theyre digging on Pink Floyd, Celine Dion, Darjush, Chris De Burgh, Yanni (hahaha), Hayedeh, Moein, Metallica, Ebi, and the Gipsy Kings.

I'm really digging on the thought of all those fuct accents singing along to music in English...

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I'm rather astounded by the exacting beauty of the way the views of the Papacy were expressed.
Pope Innocent III chastised and then ex-communicated the Venetian and Frankish Crusaders of the Fourth Crusade for their siege and sack of Zara, a Christian city on the Dalmatian coast with:
"...For behold, gold has been changed to a base metal and the silver has almost completely rusted, since, departing from the purity of your plan, you have turned in envy from the path, as though you have withdrawn your hand from the plow and have looked back with Lot's wife..."
I'm no Bible-thumper and I've a vague notion of who this Lot character is, but that bit about the rust and base metal is expressive in a way that's lost nowadays. When I look up the Lot reference, I'm willing to bet I'll like it even more.

Yeah, tell me something like that that and I'll cover your drinks some future evening.

the beer drinking tour of Germany

So far in Germany, I have had two nights where there were major problems with my memory of the previous night.
The first time was New Years Day; my first spoken words of the new year were "hey d00d, where the fuck are we?"
The second time was second of two nights I was in Munich. I distinctly remember going to sleep in the proper bed, but woke up in a room across the hall from the room I rented a bed in... Someone slammed a door at about 5 in the morning, I sat up straight in bed and hollered out "What happened?!" and then realize that the rooms(punctuation is fuct out here) cupboard is in the wrong place... I swing my legs out of the bunk and jump down, and wander out to the hall and wander back into the proper room and bed and fall back asleep. My cousin has no idea what happened which ended up with me in another hostel room but inquired as to the the physical state of my asshole which incidentally, felt whole.
So far the most proper beers I have had the privilege of drinking in the Deutschland have been the Vetters dark Hefeweizen (you mufukkas are all saying it wrong) and the Vetters 33... 33 refers to the stammwurtze, which is something related to the thickness of the beer, or the resistance the beer has towards the force of gravity. The Vetters 33 is probably about 19% alcohol, something like a beer port, a dessert beer... its served in a .2 liter glass, and is definitely meant to be a sipping beer. Vetters is in old-town Heidelberg, and you would do well to hit it up if you ever find yourself thirsty in Heidelberg.
Tomorrow, a trainride to Amsterdam is on the agenda. This will be my first trip to Amsterdam and I hope to remember every single moment that I possibly can.

Last semester, I pulled off a 3.7 or so GPA.
Two B+s, One A-, and 2 As... DEANS LIST BABY! Not too shabby for my braindead self; I am quite satisfied. One of my instructors even sent me an invitation to TA for her next semester, I am still thinking this over.

Currently, I am drinking a half liter of Becks in a hostel intarnet cafe in Koln, I think its time to find a proper brauhaus, so bye.

ICC ueber alles.


Jeremy hooked me up with the awesome link of old jungle-before-it-started-to-suck heaven.
He's probably going to be avoiding me now, since I owe him a big wet kiss.