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GoS irks me

"That SUCKS for Shady. I hope this doesn't discourage her from sharing her creations as this seems to be a major reason alot of creators have left the community, or more recently, have changed there TOU *coughtTeruKcoughRensimcoughcough*"

Somehow that comment offended me; yes some do change their TOU because someone blantly puts unedited work on another website and claim it as theirs, but Rensim? No. She just wants to be controlling, which is acceptable as a professional artist but not as a CC creator. In the end, all CC is owned by EA because they own the material used to make said CC; there is NO way around it.

Does this mean I have no disregard for creators' TOU? No, because I always credit work where it's due. Do I think TOUs are necessary? No, to be honest (and that's why I don't have one). Call me mean or rude, but my mindset is never going to change.
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The early bird gets the worm

Pooklet just posted a part deux of the lip edits on GoS, and all of them that I had planned to do- she did them (and like a billion more)! There went my project ideas, lol.

Ah well- I guess I'll stick to making blends :P


For once I met the day I said I was going to upload :D

They are now up on my 4Shared account, labeled as DownTownies 1 and 2.

I've noticed that other people have been using my 4Shared account to upload their stuff (I've seen and rightly deleted two instances, but it shouldn't have happened at all). I'm not going to say this again- GET YOUR OWN DAMN ACCOUNT. I've been really nice into letting everyone, regardless of who they are, download directly in my account. Do not abuse my trust by doing shit like this, please.

In a lighter note- still don't know who I'm a Secret Santa to, but I've been working on my gift. So far I've edited lipsticks ala Pooket (I actually start doing sets, since they're really easy to do and I've liked the results), recolored hair, and working a special blend just for that sim. I'm also working on a different sim in case I'm chosen to be a backup Santa.
Once I find out who I get, and he or she isn't on my friends list- be prepared to be spammed, people. I'm really excited about this and I feel really productive :D

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Thankfully someone posted an entry and while the entry seems really anime-ish, it gave me good ground. My entry will probably be pretty simplistic, but whatever. I have little to no expectations for my participation in this contest :P

After the contest is over, I'll put Leon up for download. Also, sometime tomorrow I'll post Ash and Leigh with all CC on my LJ. I like it better when I release sims without someone from the forum PM-ing me 'when you gonna upload such and such? i love ur sims xoxoxo'. I'm a nice person, but that stuff gets old FAST.

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Schedule for all of my projects to be uploaded:

Tonight (Friday):
*Regular (not default) blends of Louis/Pooklet/Ga-Laxy (here on LJ only)
Leigh and Ash Watson (on GoS)
*Rerelease of Milk (here on LJ only)

Sim!Me (on GoS)
Emelie Standard (Berlin's mother- on GoS)

*A little policy on the Louis/Pooklet/Ga-Laxy, and Milk blends- they can not be uploaded onto public forums. I'm all about sharing, but others' TOS limits my free spirit guidelines. If someone asks for it, you can give it to them without asking for my permission. You can edit them in any way without asking for permission (since I'm not the originator) but again- with respecting others' TOS don't upload them on public forums. This is JUST for the (*) marked blends- any of the others you can do whatever you wish :)

To make it a more meaningful post here's Ash Watson, and his and Leigh's ability to breed not ugly Collapse )

Before anyone asks, I can't put Alice or Sally up... yet. Sim PE has not been updated for the IKEA stuff pack, and I'm not going to chance it.

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I uploaded four new blends at GoS, which can be found here. Check out Anva's as well, as they are BEAUTIFUL. I've spent so much time looking at skintones to use that I could tell which ones she used :P

I also finished blends using teru_k's new skintones, but the TOU states that I can't upload edits, so I don't know if they will be uploaded as I like to respect free creators' requests. I might PM and ask for permission to upload them, so we'll see.

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Happy Birthday, mikisnotlegacy!

Anyway, I have uploaded the alien and vampire skintone blends here. I was going to post more, but uh...... I'm saving them for next week.

I probably won't be updating this weekend at all, because um... it's my birthday tomorrow! I probably am older than most of you- I'll be lucky 23.

I am (slowly) working on a Honeyblossoms update- I'm still working on their house and trying to build up some more custom content because Maxis content alone won't cut it. They seem to love the place, as do I! They have plenty of room- 5 car lot, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a pool, and it's also a beach lot o_o