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simply random

boolProping since 2005

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16 May
Hi, as you can may notice, this is a Sims 2-only journal. I post my legacies here, and also custom content that I create.

Past Project

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The Branch legacy family; unfortunately it didn't end well, but the memories live on.

Current Projects

The Honeyblossom family (I cheat too much for it to be a legacy, oops). It is in generation four.

I'm known as Astromeso @ Garden of Shadows.

My policy: Do what you like. If you want to upload a sim with one of my skintones that might violate someone's TOU, hope you can deal with the negativity that could come from it :P
I don't need credit. Sometimes people forget, it happens. If someone pretends like my blends were theirs to create (I'm the same UN on Sims Cave, the only other forum I belong to at the moment. I have an old inSim account, but I don't go to that forum anymore) then hopefully it can be resolved swiftly.

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