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For once I met the day I said I was going to upload :D

They are now up on my 4Shared account, labeled as DownTownies 1 and 2.

I've noticed that other people have been using my 4Shared account to upload their stuff (I've seen and rightly deleted two instances, but it shouldn't have happened at all). I'm not going to say this again- GET YOUR OWN DAMN ACCOUNT. I've been really nice into letting everyone, regardless of who they are, download directly in my account. Do not abuse my trust by doing shit like this, please.

In a lighter note- still don't know who I'm a Secret Santa to, but I've been working on my gift. So far I've edited lipsticks ala Pooket (I actually start doing sets, since they're really easy to do and I've liked the results), recolored hair, and working a special blend just for that sim. I'm also working on a different sim in case I'm chosen to be a backup Santa.
Once I find out who I get, and he or she isn't on my friends list- be prepared to be spammed, people. I'm really excited about this and I feel really productive :D
Tags: gos, sims

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