_simplyrandom (_simplyrandom) wrote,

I was bored. It was hard picking out "me", and I had to photoshop the hair color- my hair is too dark for the brown but a little lighter than the black.

Anyway, expect at least seven blends on Sunday, including the rest of the Enayla-Oepu blends. I've also done more Buffybot-Jirka blends, so expect some as well.

There's a project I'd love to do down the road, but I can't start on it at the moment because the detail would be time consuming:

The human characters of the two Care Bears movies; the second one is *my* favorite movie of all time, and the first one is pretty up there too.

Yeah, I'm planning to do them all- John, Dawn, Christy, and Dark Heart from the second movie...

...Nicholas, Kim, and Jason from the first one. (I LOVE the ending to it, that Nicholas and Kim got married, grew old together, and own an orphanage; that's such a great love story, especially from a badly-written cartoon movie)

After Sunday, expect this journal to be put on hold because college starts on Monday. I'm still working on the CC journal, so I will link it here when I'm finished. As for the Honeyblossoms- generation five has to be redone, so the legacy is on hold *again*. I think I'll stick to only one heir this time, and it'll be York, probably.
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