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I decided to go ahead and release half of the blends I've done, so you all won't have to wait forever until all of them are done ;)

These are barbie blends, I'm afraid. I do plan on making some that aren't barbie-ified so there's a choice.

As soon as I finish the other half, upcoming there will be defaults and there will be geneticized. So technically... there would be SIX kinds (including the non-barbie skins in the near future) of blends for everyone to pick and choose. So this will be my biggest project to date.

The only makeup on are the eyeliners for the girls, and my favorite thing to use- the mouth corner from Lunar Eclipse.

This blend is called Oepuyla. I know.. combining Enayla and Oepu to make the file names, how incredibly witty am I.

Yes, this is the hot August Honeyblossom modeling the Oenaylu blend. As you can tell, the only difference between the male and female blends are that I mixed Oepu's Maxis Match blends on top of the already edited Enayla blends.. to give the male lips a more matte look. We don't want our male sims to look that feminine, do we?

This blend is named Enayepu. All the blends are edited for all ages and genders, because they can be.

I debated about whether or not to put this up, but at the end I decided to because it's make a good blend for more ethnic sims. So, therefore, the blend named Enaoepla is up with the rest.

You can download the files from clicking on the blends' names, if you didn't know.

Credits: Enayla and Oepu for making some of the most beautiful skintones.
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