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RESOURCE LIST FOR EVERYTHING [Dec. 30th, 2011|11:59 pm]
Here is a list of all of my resources; if you can't find what you're looking for, I might be able to help.

Skintone Defaults
Regular- Mine, unreleased yet because I haven't converted the .bmps to .pngs when I made them, so they're a whopping 30 MB a piece. If you want great defaults, Selzi has great choices here and I like Pooklet's too (I use the geneticized version) as well as my own skintone blends as geneticized
Alien- by Buffybot
Vampire- by Buffybot (I prefer the no red eye version)
Werewolf- by Navetsea
Plant- by diva fedelia

Eyecolor Defaults- Yumedust with Anva's sclera made by Bosie. Also I use Pooklet's Simrenity eyes as geneticized

Eyebrow Defaults- by Rensim

Makeup Defaults
Lipstick- Bruno's by Allure gal
Eyeshadow- Bruno's by gwillewyn
Eyeliner- Bruno's by Kirsi

Face Templetes- Defuglified by Selzi

Hair and Makeup
Hair- ChihoSan's rextextures (at MTS2 and GoS) / Raonjena / Nouk / Helga / Rose ("pay" only, her free hair isn't too great) / GoS for great conversions, retextures, and recolors
Makeup- Corvidophile2 / Bruno / Helaene / Ephemera

Clothing- Migamoo and Tyler / All About Style / Adele / Hysterical Paroxysm / Poison Pink Lemons

Buy/Build Mode- BabbyeSims / Sims Design Ave / Holy Simoly / Mirake (the only thing I like about TSR) / Vita Sims / Mary Lou / Rensim