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Ugh, the two cutest toddlers ever and I didn't want either of them to get their mother's awful nose (oh god, generation two and I GOT TWINS right off the bat D:)

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This is Gracie (I was watching 'Big Trouble in Little China' last night, one of my favorite movies)

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And this is Margot. She's the front runner because she has her father's red hair and more of his facial features like his eye shape and chin. They both have his lips, and unfortunately their mother's godawful nose as well (it's cute until they grow up and it'll be too short for their faces, and I much MUCH prefer their father's nose). As long as I get the father's nose on one of their kids I'll be happy.

I took a chance with the mother, because I love her lips and I think with the founder's nose it'd be an amazing combo. He has great lips too, but hers are better :D

Yes I started another legacy, and this time I went with a guy. I'm waiting until the girls are kids to update, but hey it's started nicely :)

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