_simplyrandom (_simplyrandom) wrote,

Good god I seem to never have good luck when it comes to the Branches. The neighborhoods are all crashing... AGAIN, and this time sadly I don't think I'm going to try again to finish; technically I had reached generation 10 before the crash (the lucky baby was a boy named Apollo) but unfortunately I didn't take any pics so yeah :|
I may have to end up reinstalling again, but I'm not going to bother touching the main neighborhoods anymore; I'll just make two custom neighborhoods: one for my Harvest Moon legacy (which I'm still far from finishing, and may have to redo), and one that I'll erase the old Townies so I won't have Kennedy Cox or the other Pleasantville ones anymore.

I plan on making another legacy before starting the Harvest Moon one, but everything's up in the air right now.

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