December 26th, 2008


GoS irks me

"That SUCKS for Shady. I hope this doesn't discourage her from sharing her creations as this seems to be a major reason alot of creators have left the community, or more recently, have changed there TOU *coughtTeruKcoughRensimcoughcough*"

Somehow that comment offended me; yes some do change their TOU because someone blantly puts unedited work on another website and claim it as theirs, but Rensim? No. She just wants to be controlling, which is acceptable as a professional artist but not as a CC creator. In the end, all CC is owned by EA because they own the material used to make said CC; there is NO way around it.

Does this mean I have no disregard for creators' TOU? No, because I always credit work where it's due. Do I think TOUs are necessary? No, to be honest (and that's why I don't have one). Call me mean or rude, but my mindset is never going to change.
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