December 13th, 2008


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So I am done with this semester, hooray!

Anyway, now I have Sims 2 Deluxe on my laptop; when I got my laptop back in late Nov, it was a cheap Acer that obviously showed its worth- it had an awful processor, awful video card, and overall just not happy with it. Earlier today/Friday, I returned it and bought a much better computer- a Compaq. I spent about $579 for it, compared to $389 for the Acer, but it's worth it: it actually has a video card that is comparable to my desktop, and it just functions a lot smoother.

So now I'm slowly rebuilding my core CC- defaults, some hacks, but this is still my school computer so I'm not going to overload it.

I'm saddened that even if I "returned" to the Secret Santa, in my opinion I still wouldn't have time to recreate my gift and finish. So I'll go back to working on my lip edits, and that's probably all I'll do until I get my desktop back.

The early bird gets the worm

Pooklet just posted a part deux of the lip edits on GoS, and all of them that I had planned to do- she did them (and like a billion more)! There went my project ideas, lol.

Ah well- I guess I'll stick to making blends :P