December 6th, 2008



So my tower is on its way to Texas to be repaired. I did think of replacing the motherboard myself, but I was just too uncomfortable of doing it myself. I tried repairing it with a HP technician on the phone, and I had it stripped down, then a piece broke. Uh oh :(

I'm told it'll be 4-6 weeks before I'd get my tower back. I was fine with it, because I had my laptop. However, after installing the game it didn't run that great.

So I've dropped out of the Secret Santa thing, unfortunately. I'm hoping since it's a motherboard issue my data may not be erased, so I can continue with making the lip sets I was working on before the crash.

So yeah. I'll be checking on LJ and GoS and probably comment now and then, but this probably won't be updated much until I get my tower back.