November 30th, 2008


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OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE. MY DESKTOP COMPUTER IS NOT WORKING *AGAIN* I can't believe this- it was working fine last night, now it won't even start up. GOD DAMN IT.

Thankfully I just bought a laptop a week ago for school purposes so I'm not completely in the dark (oh, thank god most of my school stuff in saved in my laptop- otherwise I'd have a real shitfest) but worst case scenario- I've probably lost my stuff *AGAIN*

I've e-mailed Nymphy about the situation, and I'm going to try my best to redo everything I've lost in time for the gifts.

I'll have to install the software after finals are over- I just can't deal with the Sims right now. I'll have free time after December 12 to work on it.
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