October 12th, 2008


(no subject)

One person on GoS PM-ed me (not a mod) and was like "Um, put all of your downloads on an alternative link or upgrade your account". I didn't have a clue what she was talking about and BOOM- I checked it and my box.net account finally ran out of bandwidth.

Man, do I have to spend all day having to reupload my files onto another account and edit EVERY topic? Half of me is like "Screw it, they can all just wait until my bandwidth resets" and the other half is spineless and thinks I should've had it done anyway. Guess you know what half I'm leaning towards... ugh.

No wonder why my bandwidth is dead- most of the stuff from GoS has at least 250 downloads EACH. Some have about 500 downloads each, some about 800, and Wish has been the most downloaded item at.... 1675 :|
Comparison to my LJ stuff: my biggest download is Penny Lane for pixel_trade at 125 downloads. The rest are about 3-50. What a difference, from 250 to 3 as least downloads.

I'm waiting on my friend to design some tattoos for my Blues skin, so after that's done Blues will be up soon :)

Finally, I'll upload the Dreamers and Burbs sometime tonight. I should learn never to make dates because I'll rarely keep them.