August 6th, 2008


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Edit: This is the tan blend, by the way. Is it too warm, or is it just me?
Edit part deux: Since it's going smoothingly, I'll make some in-between blends to used as geneticized skintones. I decide that the tan is too red, oh well. I'll just make another.

Woah, what IS up with Garden of Shadows lately? When it did so drama-riffic? Granted I've been more in lurker mode, but I thought it was a lot more easygoing place than it is now.
I plan on posting my zombie blend there, but that'll probably be my last big post there for a while. I just prefer the simplicity of putting my stuff here, regardless on who made it in the first place. I still like the forum, and I know there are great people from there ;)

Anyway, status of the Oepu-Enayla blends: three are done! Maybe my goal of five blends in three weeks was too low? That just leaves me more time to do more :D

Also, the Element default that linear_flower made is back up @ wella_creations, and the post is here. I am a recent member of the community, so I might be posting my stuff there as well.