July 28th, 2008


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I had to get an account at 4shared, but why is box.net not working? I'm nowhere near the 1 GB limit or over the monthly bandwidth. Expect the post with the sims early tomorrow; I have the post ready... just waiting for the sims to be uploaded :/
Anyway, the most popular sim downloaded? Not a surprise- Wish Barrows with 961(!!) downloads, and her brother Mass having 444 downloads.

The top five most popular blends? (1) City, with 539 downloads; (2) Creep, with 507 downloads; (3) Conchord, with 387 downloads; (4) Magic, with 351 downloads; and finally.... (5) Pilot, with 342 downloads.
I'm sort of surprised that Immigrant and Element didn't get more, but then again people probably would rather have defaults.

To be honest, I like my numbers on the small side. It doesn't eat up bandwidth as bad :P

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I have not one, not two, not even three, four, or five. I have TEN sims for you guys to download D:
I've been very lazy backed up with sims that I've meant to upload for a while, and didn't get around to do so until tonight. I also included one blend that I don't think I've released yet; I can't remember, so if I did... throw bricks at me after I get my PC back~

Sims include: Blake (Wish's boyfriend), Emelie (Berlin's mother, and Mass's ex-girlfriend), two sims that were used to model my blends, Sim!Me, Leon, and a few never seen before ones ;)

Because of time constraints, all the pics were done in Body Shop, and I did not have the time to edit the pics which list all the custom content (be sure to run the sims through the Clean Installer if you download). All custom content seen are included, and warning to the eyecolors: they are all either geneticized or default.

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I completely forgot about Berlin; she's saved, but she'll be up next update sorry :(