July 25th, 2008


(no subject)

Ok, thank you everyone! I'll keep the same strategy, as long as I credit the original creators :D

Anyway, some bad news. I've been having problems with my computer for a little while (graphics card, while makes good pictures, dies everytime I'm playing Sims 2... so I need to replace it for a more games-based card; Vista is also extremely crappy because Explorer [the little dashboard] freezes up every 5 minutes, and Internet Explorer will have huge random pop ups even though I have pop ups disabled and that freezes up too) so Monday I will be taking it in to have my OS downgraded to XP and get a more suitable graphics card. Sorry folks, I hate the buggy piece of crap that is Vista. I was a Mac girl for four years, and I hope to be one again.... as soon Apple decides to throw me a bone.

I'll be using it as my opportunity to be rid of my EPs and downloads, but never fear! I'll save the blends that I haven't completed yet on a CD to be put back in. I'll still have Deluxe running, so I will still be working on blends.

I may not play the game much anymore, but I still like making blends. It keeps things interesting, and it keeps my mind at ease with Photoshop.