July 22nd, 2008


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I decided not to do the Femme Boy contest after all- I never got inspired to really do anything with it. I still plan to upload Leon, so if you all liked him.... you'll get your own pretty soon.

Still slowly working on the zombie skintone- I finished the baby, child, and toddler bodies. So I still have the elders, teens, and adult male left to complete.

So.... yeah. I'm not dead (or undead, har har).

Edit: On the topic of custom content, I'd like opinions about the matter. I use probably every kind of skintone- free and pay. Some don't allow it, and some give their okay. So, like a poll with suggestions... should I change what blends I use, or not? For example:

*I have no problems with your using any kind of content. You should be allowed to share your work regardless of who made it in the first place.
*You should respect policies who don't allow editing. Shame on you.
*Pay creators have to make a living too! (sorry, bad joke)

My issue isn't creators in general- their work should always be respected, and I always give credit regardless on who I use. The issue is- does anyone genuinely have a problem with it? If a majority does, I'll probably edit the way I put blends for download.

First and foremost, blending is a hobby (it's more like practice so I don't get rusty with Photoshop). I never claimed these blends as original works- the blends are from talented people who care about it more than I do. And to be honest, I've lost appeal for the game for the past year. I'll still blend for fun, but I think pretty soon I'll remove my EPs and SPs and my CC. I'm just not serious about the game anymore :/
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