July 14th, 2008


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Gah I overestimated how fast I would finish it. I finished all the faces, and the adult female's bodies. Since I'm doing them all differently, it's slower to complete. I'm sticking with it though, because it'll look awesome at the end.

I'm thinking of entering in GoS's femme boy contest. I don't make feminine male sims- I think my male sims are casual and don't ooze masculinity or femininity. When I think "femme", I think David Beckham, Jude Law (well, back in his Alfie days)... guys who practice women's philosophies on looking good. I don't know if that is what the contest is about- it may be a 'is he a guy or a girl?' type of contest and I'd be way off if that's the case.

I'm definitely going to wait until after a few people submit theirs before I'll submit mine- I don't know what's considered "femme" in terms of, well, everything.

I've already made up his name and bio, though: his name is Leon Bosette. He was raised by his mother and sisters in the countryside. He now lives in the city, working as a librarian. He grew up inspired by old Hollywood's philosophy that he should never look less than immaculate, even if he's going to the grocery store.
.....I'll finish it after seeing entries so I know what the whole theme is to the stories.

Edit: LOL, my soon-to-be-released LJ has already been discovered. As soon as I finish my zombie skintone, I'll probably start moving my CC links over there.