July 11th, 2008


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Sorry for the delay! I suddenly got busy and hadn't had time to get on the computer. Without further ado:

Leigh skintone
Ash skintone
Mixer skintone
Sim!Me skintone

Credits: Teru_k/Jirka/Louis/Selzi

You've seen three of the four blends already, so consider Mixer to be a super secret blend for now- I'll edit this entry later with pics :P

Oh, and since scarred_id brought up the suggestion- my next blend will be a zombie skintone. I haven't decided which kind of zombie I'll be shooting for (rag doll, decomposing, etc) but I'm sure I'll have fun making it.

Edit: And I think I'll be done with the blend around this weekend! To match with the vampire and alien blends I already did, I'm using HP's blends as a base; the blend will be like a calico pattern, with dark patches to signal bruising. Since this is just basic color overlay, I can easily edit each age, gender, and body type differently.

Edit, part deux: Here's what I've got so far...