July 4th, 2008


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Schedule for all of my projects to be uploaded:

Tonight (Friday):
*Regular (not default) blends of Louis/Pooklet/Ga-Laxy (here on LJ only)
Leigh and Ash Watson (on GoS)
*Rerelease of Milk (here on LJ only)

Sim!Me (on GoS)
Emelie Standard (Berlin's mother- on GoS)

*A little policy on the Louis/Pooklet/Ga-Laxy, and Milk blends- they can not be uploaded onto public forums. I'm all about sharing, but others' TOS limits my free spirit guidelines. If someone asks for it, you can give it to them without asking for my permission. You can edit them in any way without asking for permission (since I'm not the originator) but again- with respecting others' TOS don't upload them on public forums. This is JUST for the (*) marked blends- any of the others you can do whatever you wish :)

To make it a more meaningful post here's Ash Watson, and his and Leigh's ability to breed not ugly Collapse )

Before anyone asks, I can't put Alice or Sally up... yet. Sim PE has not been updated for the IKEA stuff pack, and I'm not going to chance it.