June 24th, 2008


(no subject)

So I finished my skintone blend- I really, really like it I may make a set so people can make defaults of them. It has all of my favorite features from my favorite skintones- Pooklet as a base, Louis for nostrils and eyelids, and Ga-Laxy for lips (I used the texture from the Fruity Lips lipstick). I also shaded the nose slightly to give it definition.

Since Ga-Laxy forbids editing textures onto other works, I can't post it on GoS. I am tempted to post it here, make the entry friends only, and hope to god I get no trouble from it. I'll make an edit to the lips so at least I can post that one with no problem.

Anyway, hopefully by Friday I'll post the blends I've made and post the two sims I promised. Math classes take up a lot of my time :(