June 5th, 2008


(no subject)

Oh awesome, my main PB account's bandwidth was raised to 200 GB now :0

I've finished a new skintone blend called 'Milk', but I probably won't upload it until Sunday night-ish; I forgot I'll be out of town until Sunday afternoon, oops. The blue skintone blends are taking forever to do because I kind of shot myself in the foot and decided to edit all the bodies (since the head and body colors don't match anymore). I'm happy with them so far, it's just annoying to do.

I've been debating about making my custom content entry public. With posting at GoS I can't keep track who downloads my stuff, so I guess there's no use keeping it private, lol. I'll probably update it at least, with links to all of the GoS uploads, sometime next week.

Edit: Apparently it's next weekend that I'll be away, so I'll probably upload the Milk blend tonight.