May 31st, 2008


(no subject)

I feel very burned out, which is due to having no inspiration whatsoever. However I am working on a new skin after getting no response from teru-k, which is fine. I think it was too much teru anyway, and I want it to be less obvious. I'm using an older skin of teru's (which does give permission of editing) + @Stefan + Jirka, and I'm actually editing the bodies too! Not much though- just enough to make it less matte.

I'll be cutting down the amount of skins I make, sadly; when August comes around I'll probably be too busy with school to even touch the game. I should have made enough by then to last a long while.

Edit: Oh Sim Secret- I don't think I've been a member on GoS long enough, but still. You take a slight bit of entertainment and run it into the fucking ground. Everyone was sick of the same secrets, not just GoS. Besides, just because it's an LJ community doesn't mean it should be limited to just LJ-ers. Just saying.