May 14th, 2008


(no subject)

Well, I figured out why my community lots were glitching up- bad Download files. Seeing as that I have about 2 GB worth of downloads..... I'm starting fresh, again, because I have way too many files to look through which ones are bad. At least my defaults are good- I tried them by themselves and the community lots ran fine. That means I have to move the Honeyblossoms again because I just finished building and furnishing their house.

Edit: OH THANK GOD. I deleted some hacks that I probably could live without, and now the game is fine. I also deleted 95% of my CC, so I have to redownload some back, like Migamoo and Aikea Guinea's clothing, Raon Sims hair, and probably all of Garden of Shadows :B
I also built the Honeyblossoms a new house, and I'm shocked. I want to live there now (once I get it ready)