May 9th, 2008



Oh god, this literally took forever: the CC entry is now open. It is friends only, because I want to keep up with who is downloading my stuff. The previous downloads are still public, and will stay that way.

Why did it take so long? My game is still buggy; I had to delete the neighborhood which had the Honeyblossoms *again* because community lots would either run at 3x times speed only, or not load at all. Also, no townies appeared in said community lots although I know I spawned them. BoolProp still says it's the Hobby Lots, but I haven't touched them since I previously reinstalled my game. I may just give up, delete most of my downloads and all of my hacks, and remove Free Time altogether. I just want my game to work correctly at this point.

To give it a little more effort, I present these Collapse )
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