April 27th, 2008


(no subject)

I have decided that I will no longer post the Honeyblossoms on legacychallenge. They get lost in the huge wave that is the Founder Challenge, so I'm only going to post them here from now on. Besides, the only people that read are probably all on my friends list so there won't be a hit in the little comments I do get; I know some read and they don't comment, which is fine. Some want to find out the CC in some of my pics, which is fine too (believe it or not, I don't find it annoying).

I've been playing them, and I'm tempted to cheat and age up Plum and the triplets just to move along. I can't believe how slow it's taking them to age >:[

Also, I can't stand all the Maxis faces are clogging up in my neighborhood (and I heard deleting them one by one is very risky), so another reason why I'm halting posts at legacychallenge is that I'll be experimenting with a new neighborhood and I'll probably be remaking the Honeyblossoms in that neighborhood. I extracted the triplets, so I know everyone is safe in case I screw up in the process.

I'll put up the rest of my skintones in a few days because I'm going to be re-editing them (the males, for the most part, don't look right with lady-quality lips.. lol) and I found the packages for them so no more downloading full sims yay! Also I've recolored a few Raon hairs but I haven't learned how to bin them correctly, so I don't know if I'll put them up yet.