March 23rd, 2008



As we last left the Honeyblossoms, there were three children in generation three- Reine, the oldest child and daughter of Alys and her lover the Count; Pelican, the middle child and son of Alys and husband Reed; and August, the youngest and son of Fallon and wife Tristen.

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So probably the next update I'll probably reveal the decision of the generation three heir, and put the generation three kids for download. Pixie and her kids and already up, so go ahead and play away :D

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Oh god, I just thought of a brilliant idea for a contest-based series. Anyway, it's a play on Project Runway except it's going to center around the 'pay versus free custom content' war. Five free creators, five pay creators, seven catagories: casual, formal, underwear, sleepwear, swimwear, gym clothes, and outerwear. Hair and makeup will be used by free and pay creators as well.

I'm thinking about putting it in simcontest and letting the public decide not only who's the best and worst in the catagories, but what the four judges will say to them! I was going to post in thesims2 and ask for their opinion, but they'd probably be biased as hell and start a huge debate. It will be done in fun- I do not know any of the creators, and I'm sure they're awesome people, but this is opinionated based on not only the best artist overall, but who people favor in free versus pay content.

Anyway, I was thinking the five free artists would be: Migamoo, HP, Adele, All About Style, and Poison Pink Lemons; with hair being provided by Helga and Nouk, and makeup by Bruno.

The five pay artists would be: Confide, Aikea Guinea, Geldyh, Sophel21,and Lianaa; with hair provided by Peggy and Rose, and makeup by Monkey6758.

If you know any free or pay creators that are probably more well known than the ones I listed, let me know! I probably would've included Helaene for makeup, but I feel she hasn't updated in a while to be as well known as Bruno today.

More information wil be mentioned once I actually plan about it :D