March 2nd, 2008



Okay, it's official- I'm back in the game :D
All my previous legacies (Branches, Pockets, etc.) were on my Mac laptop that decided to bite the dust back in October and I haven't been able to afford fixing it- it has what it's called a kernel panic, which could be about basically anything and I don't have my warranty on it anymore :/
Anyway, at the same time I bought a new PC but after being on a Mac nonstop for four years it was an absolute pain to get used to Vista. Thankfully, all I can really complain about this PC is that I don't have a great Photoshop and Painter (I can't find a great working torrent on either, whah).

Okay, with all that said and done- let's introduce the new legacyCollapse )

I am cutting it short, because I hope to update again this week (yay for Spring Break!) and I don't want to spoil it all. Thank you everyone for supporting my journal for over two years now, it's been a blast :D