January 28th, 2008



Okay, I decided what to do about simcontest. I'm going to start another contest probably sometime in February or March, and I have a good idea about it. The participants can only use two sims- one that I'm making, or people can enter in a sim of their own and the winning sim is chosen. It's somewhat a page from legacy_writers but hopefully they won't mind :P
I'd love to make an active simmer be a mod too. I've been reclusive in the simming world, so I doubt most people know this journal has been used in a while, lol.

As of the Harvest Moon story, all of the characters are all made and tested in CAS to test their qualities. I've got a few more buildings to make, but I've made Jack's house and I love it. It's got great charm, and I think I did well from using real house blueprints :B