April 22nd, 2007



I bought a $12 book full of house plans. It's for the high school nerd inside of me that loved drafting class. It took me two days to make a house from one of the 700+ plans~

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It's huge, yet it's not. Four bedrooms, four bathrooms. Huge kitchen, two porches, and a big yard. I'm putting up three versions for download- a Maxis-build mode-content only house that may be uploaded on InSim as well, a version with CC build mode only (that I'll probably only post here since there's pay content included), and a CC-full house (that will definitely have some pay content, so it'll only be posted here too). Once I finish decorating and filling up the rooms I'll post more pics and the sims2packs (or zip files when I figure out how to do that).

It's a pretty nice house, if I may toot my own horn :D