April 3rd, 2007


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My laptop's FINALLY going in for repairs tomorrow, so I will be computer-less until April 31/May 1.

I will play only the Branches, and update after I get the heir married and they have their first child. It may sound like a while, but Minos is going to be an only child and I already have his spouse picked out for him. I'll definitely get some different looking children with them; you'll see what I mean when I pair her up with Minos.

Yes I'll remember to back everything up so I don't have to go through Hestia part three. For some reason I keep calling her Maris, but Maris is her mother!! >:O
After the Branches are over I'll try my best to remake some of the favorites in Body Shop. Dio made some awesome looking kids, and I'd like to see how he'd fair with other ladies. Plus I loved Lilika, Hera, and Nicholas so I'd like them to reappear :)

Happy simming until I get back!