February 7th, 2007



So, you want to know how to make photoshoots? To be honest, it's something that you just have to get used to- it's all about trial and error. In this "tutorial" I have included some Photoshop tips (I haven't used Paint Shop Pro in a while, but it should be the same), links to find helpful hacks and mods, and other tutorials that would probably explain this stuff better than me, lol.

Tip #1: When doing themes, it's best to plan it ahead of time. It's easier when you have an idea of what to do before you go into the game. If it's a little difficult to think of anything: find inspiration in other photoshoots, listen to music, or ask others for help. When I was doing the 'Bette Davis Eyes' photoshoot for Top Sim Model Cycle 2 (still my favorite photoshoot), I listened to that song constantly before and during the photoshoot. When you're doing the 'omg look at my new sim!' casual photoshoot, you don't have to plan anything out :P
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If you want more advice, just comment here and I'll edit this post to add more.