January 20th, 2007


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You know what's weird? Ever since Top Sim Modeling has been halted, I've been tempting to make a competition-only community. I even have the first theme idea- superheroes/supervillians, except the mod/mods gets to choose who's good or evil. I've even thought of rotating mods when they propose a good theme idea so that they can control it his os her own way :)

I don't hope to take away the awesomeness that is Top Sim Modeling, but I'd love to see some competition again. So I'm curious- with beautiful_sims closing and topsimmodeling on indefinite hiatus, there's always idiosyncra_sims to participate so that's why I'm not set on the idea. Do we need another competition-based community, or just let sleeping dogs lie and forget the idea?
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