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After much consideration and thought.. [Jul. 17th, 2010|11:14 pm]
I have decided to halt updating this journal. It's been a great 4 1/2 years, with awesome experiences shared with hundreds of people. This journal will not be closed, so that people can continue to download my blends. It's pretty obvious that I have lost some interest in the Sims community due to my pursuit for my college degree. This past December, I finally got one college degree, and right on track to getting a teaching license within the next few years.

I'm not completely retiring- I will be moving future updates to my personal journal, astromeso, but I probably will not interact with the LJ Sims community or Garden of Shadows (please don't add me unless you're actually interested in my boring-nothing-much-happening life; I will have one post of future Sims 2 blends on a public entry). It's my time to move on, but I will not forget the years I've had with this journal.

I wish everyone the best of luck, and nothing but love to the communities I once was a part of.