_simplyrandom (_simplyrandom) wrote,


I was too tired to upload yesterday.. so today it is!
There will be multiple uploads in the next few days, to finish on New Year's Day 2010.

Today's uploads: 1st set of Pooklet's nose masks, and alien holiday blend (geneticized and default next upload). They're all for light skintones, except for three- they are the alien and zombie blends from her Compulsive set, and alien from her My Poor Lover set.

Everything (the nose masks and the skintone) are for all ages and genders.

Skintone: Vangelis

Nose Masks: Down One, Com One, Less 01, Poor One, Com Alien, Com Zombie, Poor Alien

Tomorrow: Three sims, and geneticized and default versions of Vangelis

Remember, everything is sharable and I don't need credit- just enjoy the stuff.

Credit: Pooklet, Enayla, and teru_k
Tags: downloads
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