_simplyrandom (_simplyrandom) wrote,


My neighborhood's glitched, and as soon as I save Plantain and Grape, I'm going to try the Sunset Valley empty neighborhood. I prefer the customization of an empty neighborhood with sims I like as opposed to.. not.

I knew it when an elder got pregnant that it was all over. I tried killing her, but she didn't die, and she ignored my commands to go to the hospital, and had no interactions with anything or anyone. I tried force-reseting her- no dice.

Grape turned out a little better once he became an adult, but he's still pretty. Plantain looks pretty much like Kiwi and Carrot, so no surprise there.

It's been about a little over a year since I started making blends, and I STILL get giddy when I see my stuff in other people's games.
Tags: sims three
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