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Yep. Pretty much her mother. I will upload all the kids as they become young adults, and when I upload Carrot I'll upload Limon too. And next time I go in game I'll provide her traits.

Download her here.

NOOOOO Grape, why did you have to be different? He's the only one with his dad's tan skin, and he looks pretty much like Lime except for the chin. Oh, and he has brown hair, but I prefer red. Unless his chin makes him completely different, I'm still going for Lime because he has a girl set up, and he's closer to adulthood.

And Plantain. This is what's confusing me. Genetics are 50/50, and I had dyed Limon's hair brown to guarantee the kid(s) hair would be brown. How did Plantain end up with blond? Remember, I dyed Limon's hair to red last time, so it's not like she got pregnant before I dyed her hair (and no I have not touch his hair color, because I'd have dyed Apple's). So could there be a genetic history stored? Who knows, man.
Tags: downloads, sims three
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