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Small update.

Is that even possible?

Carrot as a teen. Pretty much a Christopher clone.

Twin #1 (Christopher clone... I think Kiwi, I can't remember) as a child.

Twin #2 (probable heir.... Lime) as a child. He has his mother's nose AND lips (and I think his dad's weird eyeshape), so he is the one to watch.

Limon had her last kid.... actually TWINS. I gave her watermelon, YET AGAIN TWIN BOYS >:0
Their names are Grape and Plantain.

So no more kids. Limon and Christopher have six kids, five of which boys. Apple, Kiwi(?), and Carrot are out of being heirs because they're clones of their parents. I haven't seen how Plantain and Grape turned out, but they better be worth saving my game, because I was not a happy camper. I wanted at least one more girl, but nooooo.
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