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OLDER CUSTOM CONTENT BY ME [Jan. 1st, 2012|11:59 pm]
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[Current Music |my cursing over Mario Kart Wii]

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HONEYBLOSSOM HOME AND SIMS [Dec. 31st, 2011|11:59 pm]
Here is where you can find the Honeyblossoms after each new generation, also the house I built for them, and the family tree if you're not up to date.

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RESOURCE LIST FOR EVERYTHING [Dec. 30th, 2011|11:59 pm]
Here is a list of all of my resources; if you can't find what you're looking for, I might be able to help.

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One FINAL update, then back to poof [Aug. 20th, 2010|05:23 pm]
Those with a Dreamwidth journal, I have set up an account that has my most recent blends, located here. Feel free to add me there.
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After much consideration and thought.. [Jul. 17th, 2010|11:14 pm]
I have decided to halt updating this journal. It's been a great 4 1/2 years, with awesome experiences shared with hundreds of people. This journal will not be closed, so that people can continue to download my blends. It's pretty obvious that I have lost some interest in the Sims community due to my pursuit for my college degree. This past December, I finally got one college degree, and right on track to getting a teaching license within the next few years.

I'm not completely retiring- I will be moving future updates to my personal journal, astromeso, but I probably will not interact with the LJ Sims community or Garden of Shadows (please don't add me unless you're actually interested in my boring-nothing-much-happening life; I will have one post of future Sims 2 blends on a public entry). It's my time to move on, but I will not forget the years I've had with this journal.

I wish everyone the best of luck, and nothing but love to the communities I once was a part of.

After a five month absence [May. 12th, 2010|12:24 pm]
....I poof out of nowhere. Um, it's been a super busy five months, and I had no time to play Sims. Now that college is done for the summer, and moving back home is done, I am back to play and make some things.

For the dark blend I've been promising for months: Um, an incomplete version will be released soon. I've only done the teen, adult, and elder version for both genders. The reason why it's incomplete is because I gave up on it. It's annoying to have to make new layers for each age and gender because the hues are different. If someone wants to make a full version, I'm all for it. I'm done with the Leh set as far as I'm concerned. Not happy about it, but it's time to move on.

I will make some blends this summer, I will make sims this summer, and I will make houses this summer- all for Sims 2. I will not play Sims 3 as it won't work well unless I get a video card and processor upgrade, and that will not be for a long while. I have three sims and a house already made, and I will probably release them, along with the incomplete blend, this Monday. I'd do it earlier, but it's my birthday on Sunday and I'm super busy at the moment.

So yeah, I'm alive. Go back to worshipping better Sims 2 creators, as I know I'm not needed anymore :)
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HOLIDAY STUFF PART FIVE [Dec. 31st, 2009|12:23 am]

Sorry, short-ish update. I don't even have a pic to blantly advertise, lol.

More nose masks, and a secret sim! We all know her sim-world famous 'Compulsion' set. I haven't uploaded them individually, so you'll just have to download the set for the time being.

Download Compulsion set

Download Secret Sim

Happy New Years Eve! Let's make the last day of 2009 a good one :D
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HOLIDAY STUFF PART FOUR [Dec. 29th, 2009|09:31 pm]

More nose masks! This time it's the 'My Poor Lover' set.

Download entire set (including 01 and alien)- here

Download individually- 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, and 07

Credit- Pooklet and teru_k (same for the nose masks yesterday too)

More nose masks tomorrow! Maybe a few sims too.
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HOLIDAY STUFF PART THREE [Dec. 28th, 2009|07:39 pm]

As promised (I can't believe I've been on track, way to go me), nose masks and two homes.

For the nose masks, it is the rest of the 'Down Boy' set that Pooklet made. Same drill- all ages and genders.

Download individually- 02, 03, 04, 05

Download entire set (including 01) here

houses under cutCollapse )

That said, enjoy. I have not decided what I'll upload tomorrow.. maybe more nose masks.
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HOLIDAY STUFF PART TWO [Dec. 27th, 2009|06:22 pm]
[Current Mood |boredbored]

Day two of new Sims 2 items!

Geneticized version of Vangelis- here
Default version of Vangelis- here

Now... the sims!


Amy Jones

Tomorrow's upload- more Pooklet nose masks, and hopefully some houses.
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