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26 July 1988
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go by: Sachiko
I am: 20
I was born: 072619xx
My Gender is: Female

Jpop Wonder Showzen, Pills, Cosplay, All things Lolita, Music, iPods, Japan, All things Asian, Fast Cars, Myspace, Spark plugs, the number 2, Street Racing, Photoshop, Graphics, photography, Fake eyelashes, Makeup, Wendy's, Oshare Kei, Visual Kei, Yaoi, Yuri, Doodles, tickets, Pink and green, Socks and Underwear, Rp, Video games, Japanese Street Fashion, Chuck Norris, Kingdom Hearts [1 & 2], Axel, Hello!Project.

George Bush, Homophobes, Mean people, "Emo/Scene/Hardcore" kids, Eating meat, haters, cheaters , fakers, liars, Gwen Stefani, ICP & it's followers, Paris Hilton, Harajuku Lovers Brand, Drama, Closedminded-ness, Miyavi fangirls, Reality TV, Some Fangirls, Stupidity

AIM: Zukyun LOVE
Y!M: Kanashimi.Sachi
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ALL most brushes for my icons are from 100x100_brushes
Brush Credit for icons goes to all the people there.
:D thanks!

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