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Post Surgical Apparitions

Hallucinating the inanimate

24 May
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I'm Rob :D

Gem = <3

I Love my musique, metal, rock, industrial/ experimental, indie etc
favourite bands include:-
{Deftones}~~~, Scarling, {Incubus}~~~, {The Mars Volta}~~~, Sparta, At the Drive In, {My chemical Romance}~~~, From Autumn to Ashes, Billy Talent, Muse, Radiohead, {Rage Against the Machine}~~~, smashing pumpkins.(New Found Glory}, {Silent Cry}~~~, {The Used}~~~~, {Hundred Reasons}~~~, Placebo, Brand New, afi, Nine Inch Nails, Finch, Behemoth, OkGo, Rufio, Weezer, MachineHead, Le Tigre, Beastie Boys, Opeth, Papa Roach. /\/\/specials:- The Human League, Duran Duran.\/\/\/ Golden Oldies:- The Doors, Velvet Underground, {Deep Purple}~~~, The Cure, The Who, Led Zeppelin.\/\/\