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If I ever die of a heart attack...

...I hope it will be from playing my stereo too loud!

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Welcome to my corner of crazy! I'm 23 years old and you may call me Izz if you want to. :)

I'm... Drawing and sketching. Taking pictures of clouds and the sky. Eating avocado. Reading both books and fanfic and loving it. Laughing at jokes. Believing that the smile is the best feature of a person. Obsessing. Listening to music in headphones and lip-synching in front of the mirror, along with cheesy dance moves. Studying the stars in the nighttime, wishing I could be an astronomer. Spending too much time on the internet and way too little time on cleaning my room. Writing lists of where I must travel before I die. Watching movies and TV, snickering at slashy subtext. Daydreaming and drinking Coca Cola. Counting down to The Hobbit movie (2012! so... far... away...).

*waves the Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter/Star Wars-flag* :D

"If life hands you lemons, throw them back, shout 'I want chocolate!' and then go get chocolate."

That's the spirit! Heard over at metaquotes.

Support love.

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The Fellowship is love.

Star Wars is multi-generation love.

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