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It's an Update!

Well, hello!

Life is going swell.

I am currently at the last stage of moving house. Tomorrow morning I pick up the last of the cleaning supplies and mop the floors one last time. It is very exciting.

My new place on Southside is very nice. It is a 2bdrm ground floor flat in a block of 3 - my only neighbours currently are the owners during the day time mon-fri. Huzzah. I am very excited about living on my own. No housewarming plans as yet, just a small dinner party this weekend mostly because I was promised ice cream :D

Not much else happening. Life has slowed down nicely and once the keys to Virginia are handed back I will sit down and relax properly.

I've seen a few movies recently, been on a few dates, put my book collection in order etc and generally have had a pleasant time being mildly reclusive.

Much love to you all :)


Cause all the cool kids are doing it :D

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INFJ - the counselor

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Pulled from a text book.

Sar Wars a New Hope Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Synopsis

Luke Skywalker Harry Potter is an orphan living with his Uncle and aunt on the remote wilderness ofTatooineSuburbia.

He is rescued from the aliens moggles by wise, bearded Ben Kinobi Hagrid, who turns out to be a jedi knight wizard.

Ben Hagrid reveals to Luke Harry that Luke's Harry's father was also a Jedi Knight wizard, and was the best pilot quiditch player he had ever seen.

Luke Harry is also instructed in how to use the jedi light sabre a magic wand as he too trains to become a Jedi wizard.

Luke Harry has many adventures in the Galaxy Hogwarts and makes new friends such as Han Solo Ron and Princess Leia Hermione.

In the course of these adventures he distinguishes himself as a top pilot quidditch seeker in the battle of the death star quidditch match, making the direct hit catch that secures the rebels Gryffindors victory against the forces of evil, slytherin.

Luke Harry also sees off the threat of Darth Vader Lord Voldemort, who we know murdered his uncle and aunt parents.

In the finale, Luke Harry and his new friends receive medals of valor win the house cup.

All of this will be set to an Orchestral score composed by John Williams.

Apr. 11th, 2006


sooo many books I had forgotten about.

S000 many books I am now in search of.

sooooo many books and authors that need to be added to that list *nods*

*expresses book love*


He sought out the shocking: if spitting upon his dead mother's image would attract attention, he was a prolific and boastful spitter. - (Sister Wendy Beckett on Salvador Dali)


First Public access post in quite a long while due to a not so random stalker.

I am doing well.

I am Moving to Brisbane - in fact I am almost moved to Brisbane.
I pick up my Furniture in the next week.
I quit Subway.
I miss Jane.

Life goes on.