Alexis (_sighstoo_) wrote,


If anyone is interested in trading rather than buying, please let me know. Just link me to your sales journal, eBay account, gallery, etc.


anything sailor moon
anything hello kitty
anything sanrio
hello kitty stud silver earrings
anything snoopy
sailor moon mangas [english]- [Sailor Moon: #8, #9, #10, #11] [Sailor Moon SuperS: #2, #3, #4] [Sailor Moon Stars: #1, #2 #3]
sailor moon mangas [japanese]- ALL
sailor v mangas [japanese]- ALL
rainbow necklace
faux plug-like earrings
DYI skirts or bags
leopard print skirts
clothes w/ pandas or poodles on them
anything from bands: jack off jill, scarling, rasputina, hole, marilyn manson, nine inch nails, afi. see my regular journal for more band listings.
VINYL: any of the above.
used alternative cds in good condition
clothes or accessories w/ polka dots
fabric: hello kitty, snoopy, poodles.
tights/pantyhose with tiny hearts on them
FRUiTS magazines
Gothic and Lolita Bible's
egl clothes
double decker rocking horse shoes in black [size 25cm or 25.5cm]
japanese brand name clothing: baby the stars shine bright, metamorphoses, MILK, shirley temple, jane marple, angelic pretty, etc.]

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