December 31st, 2007


new movies... really?

A year ago, I listed my top 11 movies of the year (having at that point only seen 11 2006 films) on December 31 and my top 20 albums on January 2. I think I'll repeat that this year. Especially since I once again have only seen 11 2007 films (though I did see five 2006 films in 2007).
  1. No Country for Old Men
  2. Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
  3. Simpsons Movie
  4. Stardust
  5. Charlie Wilson's War
  6. Ratatouille
  7. Darjeeling Limited
  8. Zodiac
  9. The Namesake
  10. Spider-Man 3
  11. Transformers
That looks about right. Once again, fairly meh year until you get to the top. Still definitely need to see Juno and Persepolis, and maybe There Will Be Blood, Sweeney Todd, and Walk Hard as well.

I saw even less live music this year than last year, though that's probably partly due to the moving and traveling. I saw 6 real shows, one in-store, two festival shows, and some blues at Kingston Mines.