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Sorry for another long gap. No excuse this time. No floods, no vacations. Maybe a bit busy at work, but not for the entire 5 weeks. Let's get to it!

Escape from Alcatraz - Film based on a true story (well, sort of, we don't know all the true facts), starring Clint Eastwood. It was interesting enough, but nothing special.

Once Upon a Time in the West - This Sergio Leone film is supposed to be a great classic spaghetti western, but I found it to be a bit slow. Starring Jason Robards, Henry Fonda, and Charles Bronson, with several playing against type (Robards in a western, Fonda as a villain).

Fatal Attraction - I had never seen this classic '80s thriller. Considering it stars Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that it is good.

Midnight in Paris - Basically Owen Wilson playing Woody Allen. It was decent. Is Allen's ode-to-Europe phase over now?

A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin - I finally got around to the fourth book of Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, after reading the first three in 2009 and 2010. This book fell into a similar trap as the second, where not much happens until the end. Still good, though I hear the fifth is better. I'll wait a while before reading that, since I expect the sixth book won't be out until 2017 or so (and then what, 2024 for the seventh and allegedly final book?).

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides - Speaking of slow writers, Eugenides's debut book (The Virgin Suicides) came out in 1993. This, his third novel, was published in 2011. Anyway, it's another coming of age story, though each of his novels are quite different other than that overarching theme. I liked it.

Roots - Having read Alex Haley's novel in the 1990s, I figured it was about time I watched the classic television miniseries from 1977. Very sad. Very good.

The Amazing Spider-Man - This was alright. Certainly there have been better super hero movies recently.

Life is Beautiful - This has been on my to-see list for over 15 years. Finally got to it. Really good. And no, I was not offended.

Norwegian Wood - Japanese film based on Murakami's novel. It was okay, not great. In particular, I don't think it established the relationship between Watanabe and Midori very well.

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